RSL Membership

The Returned and Services League has some 1500 Sub Branches throughout Australia and with a membership of 240,000, is the largest service and ex-service associations in Australia.


Following are just some of the benefits available to Watsonia RSL Members:

  • Discount on drinks
  • Loyalty rewards program
  • Reciprocal right throughout Victoria
  • Access to all the Sub-Clubs activities
  • Discounts on drink purchases*
  • Discounts on meals*
  • Discounts on venue room hire*
  • Entrance to monthly prizes*
  • Loyalty RSL Rewards program*
  • Entrance to RSL Rewards state-wide competitions *
  • Earn points on transactions *
  • No signing in required – just swipe your card at the kiosk
  • Reciprocal rights to other Victorian RSL’s
  • Being part of a club that strongly supports your local community

* (Not available to Community Members)

Membership terms
1 year ($10) – Service, Affiliate, Social
1 year ($2) – Community


Service Membership of the RSL is for anyone who is currently serving or has served in the ADF or any of Australia’s allied armed forces. Service membership offers serving and ex-serving personnel mateship and comradeship with others of similar life experiences.

Service Membership criteria:

  • Must 18 years of age or over
  • Has served in any of the Australian defence forces in any conflict
  • Has served not less than 6 months in the regular or reserve Australian Defence Force
  • Has completed a period of National Service in the Australian Defence Force
  • Has served in the defence forces of any country that is a part of the Commonwealth
  • Has served in the defence forces of the New Zealand or the United States of America
  • Is an Australian citizen and has served in the defence force of any country allied to Australia


Affiliate Membership is a type of RSL membership that caters for family members of serving and ex-service men and women. It is also for members or ex-members of the police, fire brigade, ambulance and SES. Its purpose is to provide a form of RSL membership that maintains the ‘bloodlines’ of those who have served their country in both peace and war.

Affiliate Membership Criteria:

  • Must be 18 years of age or over
  • Related to any Service or Life Member of the League
  • Related to a person who, at the time of their death, was eligible for Service Membership of the RSL

Also for serving and ex members of the:

  • Police Force
  • Fire Brigade
  • State Emergency Service
  • Ambulance Service

(A minimum of six months full time service)


Social Membership is for those that would like to be a part of our RSL Sub branch on a social level. Social Membership provides some of the same benefits as Service and Affiliate members, but the right to vote on RSL matters does not apply. You will however have the right to receive discounts and access to the rewards program.


Community Membership is purely a form of membership without rights. The Community Membership allows for access to the venue for social purposes without the need to sign in.

OVER 75 YEARS MEMBERSHIP – Complimentary

Further Information
Contact us on 9435 4233

RSL Rewards

Your RSL rewards points (previous year) expire on the 1st of January each year. If you fail to renew your memberships before the 31st of January your RSL Reward points remaining will expire. For more information on how to renew your membership please ask our friendly staff at reception.